Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Algorithms, Penguin, Search Console Bugs & AdSense Cancellations

by Barry Schwartz

Google Algorithms, Penguin, Search Console Bugs & AdSense Cancellations - This week in search I post my monthly Google Webmaster report. Google’s John Mueller said even though they don’t announce algorithm updates, they are still busy updating their search algorithms but Penguin 4.0 did not update yet. Google had a Search Console bug this morning where it reverified tons of accounts. Google Search Console had a bug with app crawl error reports as well. Google is testing dropping the estimated search results number. Google is testing sandwiching in the top search result. Google AdSense has cancelled a massive number of AdSense accounts because of inactivity. Google said contact information on a web site is not an organic core ranking signal. Google said you don’t need disavow links if the links are not relevant. Google said one URL for one piece of content, that is the rule. Google said they tend not to index content that depends on the hashtag generating the page. Google said broken header information can cause issues. Google said moving sitemap URLs doesn’t hurt or benefit you. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. July 2016 Google Webmaster Report : Google: We're Always Updating & Improving Our Search Algorithms : Google: Penguin 4.0 Still Has Not Launched : Google Search Console Bug Reverified Email Bug; Google Says Don't Panic : Google Search Console App Crawl Report May Show Drop In Index Count & Errors : Google Tests Dropping Results Estimate? : Google Sandwiches In First Result For Some Queries : Google AdSense Cancels Massive Number Of Accounts Over Inactivity : Google: Contact Information On A Web Site Is Not An Organic Ranking Signal : Google : No Need To Disavow Links That Are No Longer Relevant To Your Site : Google Basics: One URL = One Piece Of Content : Google: Search Engines Tend To Not Support Pages Dependent On Hashtags : Google: Breaking Head Section Can Make Hreflang Unrecognizable To Google : Google: Changing Sitemap URL Location Has No Impact On Ranking Or Crawling :

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