How to Start a Blog

Want to learn how to create a blog? This is an all-inclusive, comprehensive guide dedicated to teaching beginning bloggers how to get on their feet- no coding necessary! This guide will get you started and show you some of the most common- and often costly- mistakes first time bloggers make and how to avoid them.Read the full article

NEW How to install WordPress from cPanel 2015- HostGator QuickInstall

This tutorial will show you how to install WordPress with cPanel. You'll be able to get your site live on the internet and log in to WordPress. Get the full WordPress and web development course at: Resources: NameCheap Domain Name- HostGator Web Hosting- (25% coupon code: buildwithoutcode) Relevant Videos: How to Register a Domain Name- How to Get Web Hosting for One Cent- How to Connect Your Domain Name and Web Host- How to Create a Website from Scratch (Full Tutorial) - Questions answered: How do I edit and customize my website? How do I set up and install WordPress? How hard is it to set up and install WordPress? How do I sign in to WordPress?