Rovio Updates Original Angry Birds With The Mighty League

Rovio announced the release of The Mighty League update in the original Angry Birds. The update introduces challenge levels to players, which ask them to compete against average level scores by other players. With this update, players can complete three different Mighty League levels each day, with these levels being drawn from the game’s existing episodes.Read the full article

The Mighty League Anthem (Sandstorm Angry Birds remix) by Darude

A special update deserves a special soundtrack! The Mighty League is the BIGGEST update ever to the original Angry Birds and it introduces a SOCIAL way to play your favourite levels! Oh and it comes with this epic remix by none other than Darude!! What’s New in Angry Birds The Mighty League update: PLAY three challenge levels every day. EARN high scores to get stars. COLLECT stars to move up in the leagues. ATTAIN Mighty Eagle greatness! Get Angry Birds here: FOLLOW Angry Birds on... Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Google+: