Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Maps Algorithm Update, AMP Results, AdWords Update & Bing Growth

by Barry Schwartz

Google Maps Algorithm Update, AMP Results, AdWords Update & Bing Growth - This week in search I cover an update on the Google Maps algorithm where they show fewer and fewer results. I also show how there was/is a bad searcher experience with Google local knowledge box and SinglePlatform. Google said don’t worry if your site is clean and your competitor keeps reporting it as spam. Google released an AMP case study for the Washington Post, so I looked at my numbers and shared those. Google also released AMP for ads, they call it A4A. Google featured snippets are wild. Google tests a new flight search top box. Google is launching their internet speed test. Google Maps may let you verify your listing via email. Google Maps shows how long people spend at specific locations. Google AdWords launched price extensions, a way to import call conversion, they are adding cross device conversion columns to the AdWords report and a new admin level notification center. Google seems to be rolling out the new Google Analytics design. Twitter lets anyone apply for a verified account. Microsoft reported earnings and it shows Bing doing very well. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google Maps Showing Fewer Business Listings In Map Results : Bad User Experience: Google Local Box Links To Empty SinglePlatform Page : Google: Your Placement Won't Drop If Your Competitor Keeps Reporting You As Spam : Google Releases AMP Case Study But Here Are My Results : Google AMP Ads: A4A : Google Featured Snippets: Bullet vs Table Form : Google Flight Results Now Show Sponsored Box With Images : Google Launching Speed Test In Search Results : Google Maps Business Verification Via Email Address? : Google Shows How Many Minutes People Spend At Venues : Google My Business Spreadsheet Import Import Summary Screen : Google AdWords Price Extensions : Google AdWords New Imported Call Conversions : Google AdWords To Add Cross Device Conversion Column By Default : Google AdWords Admin Alerts & Administrative Owner Access Controls : Is The New Google Analytics Design Rolling Out Now? : Twitter Lets Users Apply For Verified Accounts; Mine Took Hours : Bing Doing Well: Revenue May Hit $5.3 Billion With 43% Growth :

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