Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Update, Penguin Status, Donald Trump, AdWords & Verizon Buys Yahoo

by Barry Schwartz

Google Update, Penguin Status, Donald Trump, AdWords & Verizon Buys Yahoo - This week in search, we covered a possible Google update earlier this week. Google’s John Mueller said there will be a Penguin update again. Donald Trump was dropped as a presidential candidate in Google because of a bug. Google said 3xx redirects pass full PageRank but some SEOs still don’t believe Google on this. Google also said that if you try to redirect an expired page to another, Google will likely treat it as a 404. Google said they won’t penalize you for using emojis or symbols in your titles. Google is still sometimes showing emojis in the search results. Google said you should build high quality content before worrying about web spam issues. Google said if you have stolen content outranking you, to let them know. I shared a cool featured snippet that is way localized. Google shared an FAQ on migrating news sites from HTTP to HTTPS. Google added social icons to local knowledge graph profiles. Google AdWords smart bidding uses machine learning. Google AdWords is rolling out expanded text ads and device bid adjustments. Google also released the new version of AdWords Editor and is retiring converted clicks. Google also said the payday loan AdWords ban has started rolling out. Google also released three new conversion reports. Finally, Verizon is going to be acquired by Yahoo for $4.8 billion. That was this week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google Update Brewing? Some Early Chatter & Signals. : Google Again Says Penguin Will Be Rolling Out But Won't Say When : Google Drops Donald Trump Out Of Presidential Candidates Search Box : Google: Any 3xx Redirect Does Not Lose PageRank At All : Why Some Don't Believe Google About Redirects Not Diluting PageRank Signals : Google May Treat Expired Products Page Redirects As Soft 404s : Google: We Won't Penalize For Emojis Or Symbols In Your Snippets : Google Still Showing Emojis In Search Results : Google: First Build High Quality Content Then Worry About Web Spam Issues : Is Stolen Content Outranking You? Tell Google About It. : Google Featured Snippets Can Be Localized & They Are Wicked Smart : Google FAQs For HTTP To HTTPS Migration For News Publishers : Google Adds Social Icons To The Local Knowledge Graph : Google AdWords New Machine Learning Based Smart Bidding : Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads & Device Bid Adjustments Rolling Out : Google Releases AdWords Editor 11.5 : Google AdWords To Retire "Converted Clicks" On September 21st : Google AdWords Payday Loans Ban Now Goes Into Effect? : Three New Google AdWords Cross-Device Conversions Reports : Verizon To Acquire Yahoo For $4.83 Billion - End Of An Era :

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