Case study: Small business content marketing success

By Kate McQuillan, {grow} Community Member When I started Pet Sitters Ireland back in 2010 it was really just a way for my husband and I to solve our own pet care needs. We hated putting our pets in kennels and when we looked for an alternative there was nothing, other than asking friends or family.Read the full article

The Secret to Successful Business Blogging: Answering Your Customers' Questions

Marcus Sheridan of The Sales Lion talking about the importance of answering your customers questions on your business blog. Many want to know how to blog properly for their business. The answer is to brainstorm about the questions and problems your prospects and customers have and then address them in your blog. The way to get those questions is to ask talk to your sales reps and customer support people and start forming a list of questions they always get. Then blog about them. Over time you will create a body of content that will get links, gets shared and ultimately gets ranked on the search engines for a wide variety of long tail keywords.