9 Dos & Don’ts for Writing Compelling, Clickable Headlines to Draw in Your Audience

Well, hello there. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by the TopRank Marketing blog today. I’m pretty sure I know why you’re here — you’ve been searching high and low for the most adorable cat video of the day. Well, here it is: Okay. Okay. Just kidding. But I really do know why you’re here. You’re looking for a little headline help.Read the full article

Cat Pushes Hand Away

See more of Lucy here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR6mOOjUDKgLn4exE9EYwvAdXGyPDqV0M This video made it to the trending page because I submitted it to Cheezburger, which pushed it over 2000 views in only a few hours. This caused YouTube's algorithm to pick it up and put it on the Trending page. So no, nobody "paid" for it to be put there. It made it fair and square. I am thankful for all of these views. Even though most of the comments are negative, the like ratio tells a different story. You're not obligated to watch every video on the trending page, so why watch it just to complain about it? When you click a video you don't think should exist, even if it's just to comment, you're pushing up the views and giving the owner ad revenue, which is counterproductive to your cause. (also, I'm female)