Lollapalooza filters and Live Stories: Inside Toyota’s Snapchat strategy

Snapchat’s a natural for some brands, not so much for others. The struggle for Toyota is finding the right message. As Snapchat’s ad push gets increasingly aggressive, it’s getting harder for individual brands to cut through the noise. Last week, the brand ran the platform’s first geofilter that doubled as a ticket.Read the full article

Sal de tu área de confort | Snapchat Story | Nueva Toyota RAV4 Hybrid | Toyota

Natalia Lafourcade dominó el ritmo urbano, Goyo bailó regionales y El Dasa cantó música pop. Conoce la historia en Snapchat. #AceptaElReto SUBSCRIBE: About Toyota: We’re in the business of making great cars and trucks. But we also work every day to apply and share our know-how in ways that benefit people, the community and our planet in order to build a better tomorrow. We’ve been a part of life in America for over 50 years. And while we’re passionate about making great cars and trucks, our story is about much more than our vehicles. Connect with Toyota USA online: Visit the Toyota WEBSITE: Like Toyota on FACEBOOK: Follow Toyota on TWITTER: Follow Toyota on INSTAGRAM: +1 Toyota on GOOGLE+: Sal de tu área de confort | Snapchat Story| Nueva Toyota RAV4 Hybrid | Toyota