Search Buzz Video Recap: Google BlogDash Penalty, AdWords Interface & Local Pack Ads

by Barry Schwartz

Google BlogDash Penalty, AdWords Interface & Local Pack Ads - This week, I test out my new Mevo camera from LiveStream, let me know your thoughts. Google penalized the BlogDash network for link schemes. Google’s new AdWords interface seems to be rolling out to some users way early. Google’s new local pack ad was seen in the wild. Google Search Console may have issues with Techmeme. Google Search Console has a bug in their links to your site report showing no data available. Google Search Console analytics bug extended through August 5th. Google is now sending preview your AMP presence to webmasters. Google Keyword Planner is restricting data to some advertisers, but we don’t know why. Google said you can almost never restore your original rankings after a penalty. Google said sitemaps don’t help with rich snippets. Google said JSON-LD is indeed supported for breadcrumbs despite the documentation. Google said having PDF versions of your web site is fine. Don’t ask Google for SEO advice when you are spamming them. Google’s Brain team won’t talk about RankBrain or rankings. Google made updates to their Google My Business editing features and analytics features and they dropped support for the old business hours upload. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google Confirms It Will Penalize BlogDash For Link Schemes : The New Google AdWords Interface Seen In The Wild : Google Local Pack Ad Seen For The First Time : Google Erroneously Warns Techmeme Of Hacked Spam Issues : Google Tells Techmeme "Were Sorry" Regarding False Positives In Search Console : Bug: Google Search Console Links to Your Site Shows No Data Available : Google Search Analytics Data Bug Extended: July 29th - August 5th : Google Search Console: Preview AMP Presence Message : Google Keyword Planner Showing Data Ranges For Advertisers Without Campaigns, A Bug? : Google: You'll Almost Never Restore Your Rankings To Previous State After Penalty : Google: Sitemaps Don't Help With Rich Snippets : Google Adds JSON-LD Breadcrumbs Support : Google: No Problem Having Downloadable PDFs That Match Your Web Content : SEO Tip: Don't Ask Google For Advice When You're Breaking The Webmaster Guidelines : The Google Brain Team To Answer Questions On Machine Learning Tomorrow : The AMA With Google Brain Team Teaches Us Google Won't Talk About RankBrain : Google My Business Updates User Interface For Editing Business Details : Google My Business Insights: Search vs Maps & Direct vs Discovery Analytics : Old Google My Business Business Hour Format No Longer Supported :

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