Why User Experience and Content Quality Are SEO Too – Here’s Why #80

by Mark Traphagen
When checking off important tasks for optimizing SEO, user experience and content quality may not be high on the list, even if you care about those aspects for other good reasons (and you should!). But in this episode of Here’s Why, our CEO Eric Enge explains to Mark Traphagen why those two things should be included in any SEO strategy that seeks long term success.Read the full article

Here's Why User Experience and Content Quality are SEO Too

If you're trying to build SEO authority for your site, you might not be thinking about user experience and content, but you'd be wrong to leave those out. In this episode of our Here's Why video series, you'll find out why. Full transcript of this video at - Are Links Still a Powerful Ranking Factor? http://stonet.co/link-study - UX, Content Quality, and SEO - Moz Whiteboard Friday video http://stonet.co/ux-wbf - Browse all our Here's Why SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media videos https://www.stonetemple.com/heres-why-with-mark-eric/