How One Brand Created a Movement by Investing in Purpose

by Dawn Papandrea
A software company that helps civil and industrial contractors manage projects from bid to completion, HCSS has been in business for 30 years. Its customers build everything from roads and waste treatment plants, to bridges, dams, and pipelines. While the company traditionally has had a rich marketing culture, four years ago it opted to emphasize content and brought in Dan Briscoe.Read the full article

2015 Construction Intern Awards Winner - Chase Ekstam

The Construction Intern Awards highlight the 2015 Grand-Prize winner Chase Ekstam and his intern experience with APAC-Central. The Construction Intern Awards are a scholarship program designed to recognize the strongest construction interns in the industry, as well as the companies with the best construction internship programs across the country.

I Build America

I Build America is an initiative to showcase pride for the construction industry and to highlight the people and companies that help build the infrastructure of America.

Pride. Respect. Construction.

Without construction, our modern way of life would not be possible. I Build America is dedicated to showing the people and companies of construction who make that happen. #ibuildamerica