How to Create a ‘Monster’ Social Video Campaign

Why shouldn’t you love Monday? That was the concept behind our Monster video series, #TGIM–Thank God It’s Monday. Working with a local improv group, we produced a series of videos capturing people on their Monday morning commute with the message, “You deserve to love Monday again.” It’s a message that’s instantly relatable, authentic, identifiable and sharable.Read the full article

#TGIM: You've gotta be excited, it's Monday!

What happens when Monster takes over a Monday morning commute in Boston? Watch and find out. And when you're ready to love Mondays again, head to to Find Better. Millions of jobs. Millions of reasons to love Mondays again. Start your search today: --- Subscribe to Monster on YouTube: Need to find a job? Become a Monster member today: Want career tips and guidance? Visit our advice site: Looking to post a job? Visit:

Allie and her truck — Monster: Find Better

Allie followed her inner calling, learned how to drive a 18-wheel truck, hit the road and never looked back. Life can be a never-ending road trip. Allie has found what makes her happy. Have you? Millions of jobs. Find yours. Monster Discover other Find Better stories at Start your path to better today: Search for jobs right now: Upload your resume to Monster: --- See more videos of Allie on her YouTube channel: Follow Allie on Twitter: