Video: Impact Radius Dedicated to Stopping Fraud in Performance Marketing

by Pace Lattin Many companies in performance marketing don’t really care about fraud. This past year we did a survey and found that 72% of marketers are victims of fraud, and 11% of CPA Networks admit they actively commit fraud and ask publishers to commit fraud. This means that if you’re picking a company to work with in this field, you’re likely to be cheated by someone “reputab ...Read the full article

Stop Ad Fraud with Impact Radius and Forensiq Heather Vale from PACEDm talks about advertising fraud with Todd Crawford, Co-founder & VP Strategic Initiatives at Impact Radius, and David Sendroff, Founder & CEO of Forensiq. In this exclusive interview, discover why Impact Radius and Forensiq decided to join forces, what kinds of fraud they’re fighting, how fraudulent practices in advertising have evolved, and much more. To test out or use the platform, visit or