Mobile Game Roundup: Shadowverse, Pixel Crazy and More

Are you looking for a new mobile game to play this weekend? If so, there are lots of new games available for you to try, including Mr. Robot: 1.51exfiltratiOn from Telltale Games. The game is based on the Mr. Robot television series, and it allows users to interact with characters through a fictional messaging app. Next, Disney launched Zootopia Crime Files: Hidden Object.Read the full article

Shadowverse - Gameplay Trailer

Watch the official launch trailer for Shadowverse, a strategic multiplayer digital card game from Cygames. Coming soon to the App Store and Google Play. To learn more, visit us at Facebook: Twitter:

George of the Jungle: Owie Owie

George of the Jungle is back and he needs your help! Owie Owie fever has turned once friendly and collectible light bugs into a bloodthirsty army. Climb as high as you can, making sure that you watch out for that tree (and that rock, and those thorns, and that bat). How high can you get? Features: • 4 separate worlds: Jungle, Waterfall, Thicket and a *gasp* mystery level! • Awesome ragdoll action. Watch George smash into everything when he falls! • Slo-mo! Watch bonecrushing hits in super slow motion at the touch of a button. • Share your fails and best scores with your friends and challenge them! • Time of day play! Try playing at night for a tougher challenge… and greater rewards! • Achievements! Over 30 of them! • Costumes! Dress George up as a Grandma! Seriously! • Friends! Find Shep, Ape, Magnolia and even Tookie-Tookie to get their unique powers! Powerups! Collect light bugs to get epic abilities: • Bug Bonus • Jungle Jet • Bugshield • Locust Lottery • Tree Hugger • Sticky Boots • Steel boots

Freaktown Defenders

Pandora's Books on the App Store. Out Now!

Unscramble your way to victory in this free, fast paced, brain teasing game. Out now on the App Store!

BarSim Bartender Game

BarSim (tm) Bartending Simulator / Bartender Game available on iOS & Android devices. BarSim let's you..... ~ Learn Drink Recipes ~ Practice Making Drink Recipes Just like you would behind a real bar! ~ Compete against your friends & other BarSim (tm) users to finally put to rest who really is the best bartender in the world! BarSim is the most interactive Bartender Game ever, & quite possibly one of the most innovative games ever to come to mobile! BarSim is a Killer Mobile Software LLC product. Download now from the Play Store & App Store.

Gallery Hero - Official Trailer [HD]

Something strange has taken over the art gallery! In Gallery Hero, solve the puzzles to recover the missing artwork. Visit for more information. Gallery Hero is out now for iOS and Android. Follow Gallery Hero on social media for news on the game: Facebook: Google+: Twitter:

"I, the I-piece" gameplay

Gameplay preview of my new iOS/tvOS/Android puzzle game. More info at iOS: Android:

Caroline's Rhythm

From the people who brought you Caroline’s Working comes this exciting, new photography game, Caroline's Camera. Discover the perfect moment to press the shutter button, capturing fantastic pictures in exotic lands. Improve your sense of rhythm and timing as you explore new scenery. Capture images using unique new cameras, and share your photos with friends!

Pixel Crazy Trailer [Thumbspire]

Out now! Download for FREE! App Store: Google Play Pixel Crazy - Full Speed ahead! Keep the forward momentum. Jump in and get in the groove. Think fast, keep moving - avoid Spikes, magic platforms & falling obstacles! How far will make it before you go Pixel Crazy?