Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Keyword Planner Restrictions, AMP Tests Live, Moz Layoffs & More

by Barry Schwartz

Google Keyword Planner Restrictions, AMP Tests Live, Moz Layoffs & More - This week in search, I covered the significant changes to the Google keyword planner tool and how they are restricting the data being shown, as they say for preventing abuse. Google confirmed the new AdWords user interface is rolling out slowly. Google Ad Preview tool added a share button. Google AdWords has an account health score for search now. Google local pack tests a new design. Bing Ads goes with upgraded URLs. Google testing AMP for search in the live results. Google AMP is showing errors in the search results to site owners. Google real canonical is not supported for images. Google says they did not boost the HTTPS ranking signal despite with what some tools say. Google is testing a carousel for people also ask. Google said they wills support schema version 3.1. Google Trends has a new design update. Google’s not provided is surging to 100%. Google scheduled their last Google Hangouts on Air on Google+. Matt Cutts tells us what inspired him to do webmaster communication in his 20% time. Moz sadly had to lay off 28% of their staff, including their community team. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google Keyword Planner Removes Valuable Data For Potential Advertisers : Google: MCC AdWords Accounts Not Safe From New Keyword Planner Restrictions : Google Explains Why They Made Changes To Keyword Planner : Google Confirms They Are Rolling Out The New AdWords User Interface To Users : Google AdWords Ad Preview Tool Lets You Share This Result : Google AdWords Beta Opportunties Tab: Account Health Score For Search : Google Local Pack Tests New Design : Bing Ads Upgraded URLs Now Supported : Google Testing AMP For Web Pages In Live Results : Google Showing AMP Errors In Desktop Search Results To Site Owner : Google: Rel Canonical Not Supported For Images : Did Google Boosts HTTPS Ranking Signal? Nope But More HTTPS Results In Top Ten. : Google Tests People Also Ask Carousel On Desktop : Google To Support Version 3.1 : Google Trends Updates Design & Features Earlier This Month : Not Provided Count Hits Over 96% Since Google's HSTS Switch : Google Schedules Last Few Webmaster Hangouts Using Google Hangouts : United Airlines Employee May Have A Role In Matt Cutts Helping Webmasters With Google : Moz Fires 28% Of Staff Including The Community Team To Realign With Search :

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