How Carlsberg Produces Probably the Best Beer Content in the World

by Tessa Wegert
In 1973, ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi gave Carlsberg the tagline “Probably the best beer in the world.” Ever since, the brewing company based out of Copenhagen has been working hard to live up to the hype. Two years ago, it embarked on a mission to do the same with its content. That’s when the Carlsberg Group took its global content marketing in-house.Read the full article

If Carlsberg Did Haircuts.

Imagine a world where the barber shop always had its own quartet and the shaves were the most precise known to man. The queues would be non existent there would always be an ice-cold Carlsberg waiting for you! If Carlsberg did haircuts… Follow us on and for more!

If Carlsberg did Chocolate Bars - Extended Edit

What to do with half a tonne of chocolate and some ice cold Carlsberg? Introducing #‎IfCarlsbergDid chocolate bars! We unwrapped the foil to unveil a fully functioning, three-metre-deep pop-up bar, which was specially commissioned ahead of the Easter bank holiday weekend. The bar includes a a handcrafted chocolate dartboard, carefully constructed chocolate bar stools and a bespoke chocolate television screen, showcasing one of England’s greatest World Cup moments. Chocolate sculptor and food artist Prudence Staite designed the bar which took three months to make, check out our video of the bar in action!

Carlsberg - Beer Beauty Series For Men

Why using your wife’s shampoo when you can use a beer shampoo? Watch the making of the new Carlsberg beauty series. A line of new men’s grooming products made with half a litre of premium Carlsberg. Probably the best invention for men after beer. #BeerBeauty Read more right here:!beer-beauty