Mondly Language Learning App Receives Conversational Chatbot

ATi Studios updated its Mondly language learning app with a conversational chatbot that allows users to practice speaking in different languages by having conversations with the bot. The chatbot speaks to users in a human voice, and it allows users to practice conversations in the app’s 33 supported languages.Read the full article

Meet the new Mondly Conversational ChatBot

Mondly is a fast-growing, popular language learning platform with over 10,000,000 downloads. In V6 we introduce a *voice Chatbot for learning languages* - offering a unique way to practice conversations in 33 languages. It uses speech recognition coupled with our proprietary object recognition engine to create adaptive visual responses. It understands millions of phrases in 26 languages and it improves every day. Other popular features in Mondly: the Free Daily Lesson, the FREE Weekly Quiz, the Leaderboard for countries.