Spurned applicant crowd-funding to fight ICANN for .gay gTLD

by Kevin Murphy
The community-driven applicant for .gay is attempting to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars via crowd-funding to challenge a series of adverse decisions that look set to lock it out of running the gTLD. Alongside the fundraising, dotgay LLC has launched an extraordinary broadside at its frustrators, accusing ICANN of “discrimination” and rival applicants of trying to “ex ...Read the full article

Let’s Unite To Secure Internet Empowerment for the LGBTQIA

The Internet is often hailed as the greatest gift ever given to the world, yet only some share in the control and economic empowerment of its operations. The gay community is not among the sharing. The LGBTQIA are merely renters of space on the World Wide Web, with no tangible voice, vote or stake in the global hub of communications and commerce. Learn how you can help support LGBTQIA efforts to ensure that when .GAY is introduced on the Internet that it is operated and governed by the gay community. You can contribute to the crowdfunding campaign at https://www.generosity.com/community-fundraising/help-efforts-to-ensure-gay-is-community-operated.