Startups 101: How and why a green retailer chose to bootstrap instead of accepting venture capital

by Daniel Burstein
If you’re an entrepreneur running a startup and begin to find some success, you will likely face a crossroads: Should I bootstrap, funding the business myself with personal savings and/or ongoing revenue? Should I procure funding and give away ownership interests to a venture capitalist or private equity firm? To help you make this decision, we interviewed Brian Fricano, Founder/CEO, Sustainab.Read the full article

The pros and cons of bootstrapping versus accepting venture capital

Many startups focus more diligently on lining up VC funding than turning a profit. ( And while accepting funding from the right VC can help drive a business to success, it’s not without its tradeoffs. So Brian Fricano, CEO, Sustainable Supply, and Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, MarketingSherpa discussed what to do when the VCs come calling -- especially if you’re a company, like Sustainable Supply, with a social mission.