AB Test Intro: What is AB Testing?

by Jacob Mcmillen
AB testing, also referred to as “split” or “ABn” testing, is the process of testing multiple variations of a web page in order to identify higher-performing variations and improve the page’s conversion rate. As the web has become increasingly competitive and traffic has become increasingly expensive, the rate at which online businesses are able to convert incoming visitors t ...Read the full article

AB Test Intro: What Is AB Testing?

What Is An AB Test? An AB test, also referred to as a "split test", is an experiment in which a web page (Page A) is compared against a new variation of that page (Page B) by alternately displaying both versions to a live audience. How Does Split Testing Work? 1. Select A Page To Improve 2. Hypothesize A Better Variation 3. Display Both Pages To A Live Audience 4. Collect Conversion Data 5. Select The Winning Page For a full breakdown, visit: http://conversionsciences.com/blog/ab-test/ To signup for the free CRO course, click here: http://conversionsciences.com/resources/cro-course/ Thanks for watching! :)