5 Must-Read Business Blog Ideas

When it comes to find reasons not to write a business blog for your company, people can easily come up with quite a few excuses: lack of time, struggling to find the midpoint between a business conversation and more informal articles, fear of being too transparent with your customers and, mainly, the challenge to find good business blog ideas.Read the full article

how WE use GoPro

You have asked about our gopros and mounts so here is video how we use those! Sorry for rally english hahaha xD If you like this video and want to know something more write your questions on the comments:) http://www.stuntfreaksteam.org @stuntfreaksteam

Nestlé Waters' Success Story

For more than 150 years, the legacy of Nestlé Waters’ brands has been to provide healthy water to consumers everywhere. Today, the biggest challenge is understanding how consumers act and responding in real time. That’s why Nestlé Waters chose Salesforce to create a Consumer Engagement Center. Using Marketing Cloud and Journey Builder, Nestle now connects billions of customer experiences in a meaningful, personalized way to build greater relevance and consumer loyalty.