7 Personal Blog Ideas to Create an Online Hit

If you believe that the most interesting personal blog topics have already been used, I have bad news for you: yes, they do. Just try googling “personal blog about” plus whatever idea you may have, and it will show hundreds (if not thousands) of personal blog examples covering well your chosen topic.Read the full article

100 days without fear - Day 1

My first fear is accepting this challenge of facing my deepest fears. Right now I have something called "phobophobia" which is a phobia defined as the fear of phobias, or the fear of fear. So wish me luck!

The Sneaker factory: How Shoes are Made: Rubber Outsole Pressing

A short video to show you how Rubber Shoe outsoles are made The Sneaker factory: How Shoes are Made Please Visit the SneakerFactory.net for more information. Look for the Book The Sneaker Factory How shoes are made in the itunes Book Store http://www.sneakerfactory.net/How_Shoes_are_Made_Book.html by Walid Motawi