How The Independent is expanding internationally

It’s not often a newspaper sends its chief sports correspondent to a restaurant to cover an Italian chef cooking up a feast for the homeless, smack bang in the middle of the Olympics. But that’s what The Independent did in Rio this month, a freedom it can enjoy now it no longer has a print newspaper.Read the full article

  • Chefs cooking 5,000 meals a day for the poor using uneaten food from the Olympic village - 7 readers - A group of international chefs has launched an effort to tackle the widespread hunger problem in Rio de Janeiro by cooking surplus food donated from the Olympic Village and serving it to impoverished residents. The 31st Olympic Games in the Brazilian city have faced major criticism as the country struggles through a massive economic crisis. 

  • Inside the restaurant serving up the Olympics' wasted food to those who need it - 5 readers - They don’t accept unsightly potatoes in the Olympic Village - even when there are 18,000 athletes, coaches and officials to feed each day. So they discard them, along with any fruit which is a little too soft and the tons of bread, tomatoes, cabbage, pasta and apples which go unused. They’re all a wasted by-product of the need to feed the fastes...

  • Facebook Share Count Glitch Highlights Publishers’ Reliance on Social Network’s Data - 6 readers - Some online publishers and developers were surprised when Facebook cut off access to information they use help to gauge the performance of content across the social network. Facebook says the halted data was an unintended glitch that it’s trying to fix.