T-Mobile and Tootsie Pops party with the new iPhone7

by Tanya Dua
Today is to tech enthusiasts what Super Bowl Sunday is to sports fans. And with so many eyeballs glued to the Apple event live stream announcing the iPhone 7 and, marketers from T-Mobile to Jim Beam just couldn’t resist the urge to chime in on the conversation. Apple began drumming up excitement for its latest iPhone last week, inviting people to today’s event with the tagline ...Read the full article

  • Amazon Just Blew the Lid Off the iPhone 7

    gizmodo.com - 4 readers - It seems like Amazon just accidentally released its specialized page for iPhone 7 accessories—an hour before Apple was set to announce the new phone. The pictures include one iPhone with the rumored dual back-facing cameras. It also includes a link for Bluetooth headphones, which probably confirms the long rumored removal of the headphone jack. ...

  • Apple's Twitter account spoils iPhone announcement

    theverge.com - 3 readers - Apple's brand new Twitter account got surprisingly active today when it went ahead and announced the iPhone 7 before Tim Cook could get to it on stage. A series of tweets were send out as...