The 11 Weirdest Branded Video Games

by Dillon Baker
A couple weeks ago, Warby Parker, the trendy glasses startup, announced its first video game: Worbs. Made in collaboration with gaming magazine Kill Screen, Worbs is a simple in-browser matching game good for helping you kill five minutes. It doesn’t make much much sense—what does matching circles have to do with glasses? Still, it was a relatively innocuous way to promote the ...Read the full article

Mojo Master PC Games Trailer - Preview


Chex Quest Intro

The intro video from the classic game Chex Quest.

Pepsiman by theboyks in 24:47 - SGDQ 2016 - Part 158

Burger King Game Trailer - Sneak King

Trailer for the Xbox 360 game Pocketbike Racer from Burger King

Let's Play Advergames 12 - Taco Bell Tasty Temple Challenge

We play the role of an unnamed adventurer who stumbled into the Tastiest Temple this side of the Amazon. Whichever side it is. Behold as we convert Taco Sauce Packets into deadly weapons without the need to tightly twist them beforehand. Marvel at the detailed rendering of both a snake AND a scorpion (no extra charge). Can our hero locate the treasure of the ancient Aztacos? Are tacos more American than Chex? Will we see more than 3 textures? Watch, if you DARE! Ha ha ha! (custom soundtrack available on request) SA thread:

Spot Goes to Hollywood Walkthrough Part 1

Walkthrough of the 1995 Sega Genesis / Mega Drive game - Spot Goes to Hollywood (Cool Spot 2). 100% spots.

Darkened Skye Trailer

Darkened Skye for Gamecube.

Uber Wants You To Play Its New iOS Game And Become A Driver

Uber's exclusive iOS game isn't a full-throttle racing experience but rather a recruitment tool for new drivers. Follow Leah Becerra: See more at Transcript: Thursday, Uber asked the Web, "Ever wondered what it's like to be an Uber driver-partner?" We're guessing no one who hasn't already applied has ever had that thought, but the company is still using this idea to push a new mobile game that's exclusively for iOS. It's called "Uber Drive," and the point of the game is get your passenger from point A to point B. And rather than driving around like a mad person — like in "Crazy Taxi" — Uber says more points are given "for identifying the safest and most efficient routes." There's just no way that'll be fun, but it doesn't sound like that's the point. The New York Times' Mike Isaac says the app is trying to recruit people who aren’t already looking into driving for Uber. He writes, "Users can sign up to become drivers and upload their applications and screening materials directly from inside the game." Uber has also added educational elements to the game so players can become more knowledgeable about the city. For now, the only city that's playable is San Francisco. But if the game does well, Uber plans to add more cities. (Video via Expedia) The Verge reports the game was an Uber employee's side project — meaning whether it flops or not doesn't matter. Which could be good because it sounds really lame. Unless of course you're an Uber driver working in San Fran, who wants to brush up on your Bay Area knowledge. Sources: Uber Apple YouTube The New York Times Uber Expedia The Verge Image via: Getty Images / Pablo Blazquez Dominguez

The first 15 terrible minutes of Darkened Skye

I'm pretty sure every other minute after this is equally terrible.

Let's Hate - Chester Cheetah's Wild Wild Quest In which one of the most physically impressive animals on Earth obtains all his powers from a salt-and-oil based snack food.

Video Games in 30 Seconds: California Raisins - The Great Escape (NES)

Basic gameplay for 30 seconds. Gives the viewer an idea of how the game plays. This video is for the NES game "California Raisins: The Great Escape." This game was never commercially available. Repros exist of a leaked prototype ROM.

California Raisins - Heard It Through The Grapevine (1988)

Will Vinton animator of the infamous Avoid The Noid series from Domino's Pizza, done this one too.

PSX Longplay [162] Hooters Road Trip Played by: NPI This game is released in 2002, at the demise of the Playstation. This is an awful game. The controls are awful. The car swings left and right out of control even with a tiny push of a button. Later I found out it is much more controllable if you play in first person, which I did for most of the time. Except big racks, this game has one more good feature: You can drive a Yugo! In this game the developers didn't had the right to call it a Yugo, so it's a Fugo, which I used to beat stage 2 (09:22). However this car is slow and hard to control. Just like the real one :)

Hooters Road Trip (ENDING - PS - PlayStation - 2002 - Hoplite Research - Ubisoft)

Hooters Road Trip - Ending movie