Increased Googlebot Crawling Not a Sign of Google Update or Manual Action

by Jennifer Slegg
Increased Googlebot Crawling Not a Sign of Google Update or Manual Action September 8, 2016 at 4:43 am PST By Jennifer Slegg Leave a Comment In yesterday’s Google Q&A with John Mueller and Andrey Lipattsev, I asked a question about Googlebot suddenly increasing the amount of crawling it does on a site, when there are no obvious reasons – such as a new URL structure – for Google to do so.Read the full article

Google Q&A Crawling&Rendering

Google Google's Andrey LipattsevAndrey Lipattsev Andrey Lipattsev – Partner Development Manager at Google (Ireland). Andrey has been with Google since August 2010. He speaks 5 languages: Russian, English, Spanish, German and French. Andrey was a key speaker for every Google Q&A we have done (4 so far), he has been called “The most Transparent Googler”. Since we started in November 2015 Andrey became a household name and went through the ranks, I wonder if there is any connection. John Mueller Google John Mueller John Mueller, Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst, Google. For over the last 8 years, John Mueller has been working with the Webmaster Central, Sitemaps and Search Quality teams at Google. Mueller is regularly featured on the Google Webmasters Google+ page, as well as the Webmaster Help Groups. Prior to joining Google he ran a software company in Switzerland. John has joined us for 4th Q&A (Duplicate Content), that made it very much more official. Experts Ammon JohnsAmmon Johns Ammon Johns – innovative Online Marketing and SEO Pioneer. Ammon is Managing Director at Ammon Johns & Co. Lives in Newhaven(UK) Ammon (and Bill Slawski) has been doing these Q&As from the first one, He and Andrey Lipattsev are the only two speakers who were in every episode. Ammon’s ability to ask “right question” is increadible, thanks to it we know what is “core” algorithm and what are 3 top ranking factors. Bill SlawskiBill Slawski Bill Slawski – Director of Search Marketing at Go Fish Digital. Forbes put Bill in “Top 15 SEO Gurus 2015.″ Lives in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA. Bill has been doing these Q&As from the first one. Bill knows about Goole’s patents probably more than any Googler. Eric EngeEric Enge Eric is CEO at Stone Temple Consulting, If you haven’t seen his with Mark Traphagen show “Here’s Why” you haven’t seen anything. Lives in Southborough, MA Eric has joined us in March, but his experience and knowledge helped him to became indispensable, even with his mic off. Jennifer SleggJennifer Slegg Jennifer is a Founder & Editor of The SEM Post. She’s been active in the SEO community for 15+ years. She lives in Victoria, BC, Canada Jennifer was the last expert to join our panel, she is a great speaker but a bit shy to use her blog to write about it. About Q&A It is the fifth time we are doing Google Q&A+. 2 Great Googlers and 4 universally known SEO experts, they have nothing to prove, just get/share some new ideas and surely enjoy the moment. It was fun so far, could it go any better? The topic is Crawling&Rendering. Crawling: When Google visits your website for tracking purposes. This process is done by Google’s Spider crawler (Googlebot). Since 2003 the web is thought to have increased in size by 1/3, does Google have the capacity to crawl every website? And how often could it be done? Lower importance URLs appeared to be “Queued for later” and visited infrequently when Google has a spare capacity. It very much depends on Crawl Budget. What is actually Crawl Budget? And what it depends on? Can you bore Googlebot using just mechanical changes? Can you optimize for crawling? These are my basic questions, surely our experts will have plenty of deep, sophisticated ones. Join us to be first to know the answers. ______________________________ Academy of Internet Marketing -