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by Pauline Jakober

Project #ThankYouJudy : Coffee-mate’s Mission to Surprise Their Biggest Amaretto Fan

Meet Judy, our biggest fan of Coffee-mate Amaretto. Since it was discontinued in 2015, Judy's been on a mission to bring it back. We’ve received thousands of social posts, phone calls, emails, and over a dozen compelling letters – all led by Judy. We’ve been listening and think it’s time for us to say #ThankYouJudy. Thanks to Judy and fans like her, we’re bringing back Coffee-mate Amaretto for a limited time run through the end of the year. Watch what happens when we reunite Judy with her favorite Coffee-mate flavor by giving her the very first taste. Love Amaretto? Celebrate it’s limited time return in the comments below or share a note using #ThankYouJudy on Instagram or Twitter.

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