Mobile Game Roundup: Vertigo Racing, Head of State and More

Are you looking for a new mobile game to play this weekend? There are lots of new games available for you to try, including Monster Super League from Four Thirty Three Inc. The monster collection and battling game allows users to collect and battle creatures called Astromon as they work to save the world of Latecia from the forces of chaos.Read the full article

Vertigo Racing - Official HD Gameplay Trailer

Put your pedal to the metal and hurtle through stunningly vertiginous landscapes in gorgeous 50’s automobiles! Travel as far and as fast as you can without falling to your destruction. Game Features: NON STOP THRILLS Put your foot down and race across a series of roller-coaster like mountain tracks, each time getting further and faster, without destroying your beautiful vehicle. GO, GO, GO!!! With a whole selection of tracks to go at, from deadly glaciers to ancient walls, you will always have fresh challenges and new trophies to win. THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE AUTOMOBILE Relive the classic era of the automobile in 10 evocative vehicles from the diminutive ‘Piccola’ to the fin-tailed ‘Prestige’, Vertigo Racing is the new home of chrome. YOUR WHEELS, YOUR RULES Contrasting interior, sir? No problem! Customize your automobile with a fancy paint job, inside and out. Tune your vehicle under the hood until you have the perfect speed demon. CHALLENGES A’PLENTY Drift and jump your way to the finish line and complete awesome challenges en route Join in the fun on Facebook:

Star Crusade CCG - Introduction Cinematic

Download F2P in Steam: Facebook: Twitter: VK:

Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms

Only battles with thousands of participants are worth fighting! Cute Three Kingdom characters will help you take over the world on your mobile phone! 2000 mini soldiers fight alongside one another in 25vs25 battles! Experience the thrill of a battle with the greatest number of participants in history!

A Point-and-Click Puzzle Adventure game

Isoland is an intriguing point-and-click adventure game with addictive puzzles and a mysterious story. Gather items, solve logic puzzles, and play minigames to progress. Can you escape the isolation? We were drawn to the existential loneliness of lighthouses. They are isolated, mysterious, and quiet and seemed like the perfect inspiration for a game. It didn’t hurt that we love all of the associated imagery -- seagulls, the ocean, boats, etc. We struggled for a time with how best to complete the story. How could we properly express the sense of loneliness to the player? We spent a great deal of time drafting the concept. It took some time to fully flesh it all out, but we eventually realized that puzzles would elegantly connect our various ideas. And like lighthouses, puzzles are mysterious. We pulled together different environment ideas: the mysterious island, an abandoned factory, an empty plane wreck, and an ancient temple. We kept pushing conceptually, figuring out symbols and story elements that we loved but needed for the game to make sense as a whole. It also took a long time to figure out how best to reveal information -- when, how, where, how much? We also spent time considering what the player reactions would be like. This included gathering feedback and reworking/optimizing the existing elements. We even considered whether to scrap what we had and start from scratch. What we have now feels really true to our original intent. The emotional experience we wanted to get across to players is fully fleshed out and appropriately communicated to audiences.

Hottest Social Game 2016

Your friends are waiting online! Play a game with your friends or random players around the world. Attack them now! Get it on Android: Get it on App Store:

Head of State Preview

Preview of Head of State: the political simulation game. Out September 8th on iOS and Android!