Online Marketing News: Divine Email Delivery, Mobile Machine Learning & CMO Social Spend

Email Deliverability: Unveiling the Divine Path to Subscribers Inbox Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tactics, and one of the longest standing. But, nothing can be effective if it doesn’t reach your audience. This infographic shows the considerations marketers need to make when sending their emails to ensure the best deliverability and common email marketing myths.Read the full article

TopRank Marketing News Roundup September 9, 2016

Tiffani Allen is back this week to discus the top online marketing news of the week with Josh Nite!

  • Google Injects Machine Learning Into Analytics App - 17 readers - Google says its new feature can be especially useful to someone who isn't familiar with analytics, or someone who is about to head into a meeting.

  • Instagram Is Finally Letting Users Zoom In on Photos and Videos - 7 readers - Instagram is finally giving users a way to get a closer look at photos and videos. The Facebook-owned app today announced users can now zoom in on still and moving images, a feature that will likely be a welcome addition to the platform's more than 500 million monthly users.