Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Update Feedback, Widget Links Penalty & More SEO Topics

by Barry Schwartz

Google Update Feedback, Widget Links Penalty & More SEO Topics - This week in search, we talked about some non statements from Google on that weekend update. Google did tell us it was not Penguin, so we should rule that out. Google reminded us that they can and will penalize links by widget makers. Google has penalized Turkey’s largest network, Acunn Media. Google is preparing their announcement on the Penguin launch. I published the monthly Google Webmaster report this week. Google Search Console’s Search Analytics report broke and was fixed this week. Google added reviews from the web to the local knowledge panel. Google said more traffic doesn’t need more links and that the crawl error spike has nothing to do with any update. Google featured snippets now use query expanders. Google is testing bolder and darker AMP logos in search. Google site command can show rich snippets if the quality metric doesn’t meet the requirements. Google AdWords launched “Shop The Look.” Google Analytics real time reporting is all bugged out for some. Google Maps may show a two pack sometimes. Matt Cutts did a rare interview about some of the challenges he faced at Google. It looks like Search Engine Strategies has closed down. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. No Confirmation From Google On The Friday Google Update : Google: The Weekend Update Was Not Penguin 4.0 : Google To Penalize Widget Links Tactics : Google Penalized One Of Turkey's Largests TV Networks, Acunn Media : Google: We're Working On The Penguin Launch Announcement : September 2016 Google Webmaster Report : Google Search Console Search Analytics Report Stopped Updating : Google Search Console Search Analytics Report Fix : Google Reviews From The Web Now Live On Local Knowledge Panels : Google: More Traffic Doesn't Mean You Need More Links : Google: The Increase In Crawl Errors Are Nothing To Worry About; Just Hungry Crawlers ; Google Featured Snippets With Query Modifier : Google Testing Bolder AMP Logo In Search Results : Google: Site Command Should Show Rich Snippets If Implemented Correctly : Google AdWords Shop The Look Ads : Google Analytics Real Time Not Working For Some : Google Analytics Working On Real Time Reporting Fix; Here Is A Workaround : Google Maps Showing Two Packs Again? : In Rare Interview Matt Cutts Talks About His Challenges At Google : Search Engine Strategies, Industries First Conference Shuts Down :

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