Square Enix Announces Guardian Codex for Mobile

Square Enix announced Guardian Codex for iOS and Android. The role-playing game will take players to the year 2030, in a world split between two forces: the Empire and the Resistance. In Guardian Codex, players will join the Resistance in their battle against the Empire. Users will enter the Codex, a “virtual-reality version of the world from ancient times,” on a quest to fi ...Read the full article

"Guardian Codex" teaser trailer

Pre-registration now open! ⇒ http://goo.gl/39DTvM SQUARE ENIX is taking smartphone games to the next level! A brand-new title from the creators of Guardian Cross, the hit series with over 8 million downloads! “Guardian Codex” Coming this fall! 日本語版プロモーションムービー ⇒ https://youtu.be/T-2_SnBt-Oc