How a Newsroom Approach Helps Barclays Publish at the Speed of News

Eighteen months ago, Barclays UK decided it was time for a change. In the past, the company took an average of six weeks to ideate, produce, and release a piece of content. It was a torturously slow process, especially in a digital arena that values speed. Today, it has cut its creative process down to a mere 72 hours. It was, no pun intended, an amazing turnaround.Read the full article

New mortgage rules: How to prepare for your application with Barclays

New mortgage application rules were introduced recently, so we wanted to help explain the kind of questions we now ask you when you apply for a mortgage with us, and share a few tips on how you can prepare for your application. Find out more:

Will your cost of living increase post-Brexit? | Barclays

We’re leaving the EU, so what happens next? Here's what we know so far.