YouTube Announces #voteIRL ‘Get Out the Vote’ Campaign

YouTube announced its “get out the vote” campaign for the 2016 U.S. election season. The campaign is called #voteIRL, and it will see popular YouTube creators publish videos encouraging their viewers to register to vote. YouTube said it gathered a group of users together and registered to vote in all 50 states, and it determined that it takes one minute and 34 seconds, on av ...Read the full article

#voteIRL - Use Your Voice. Vote in Real Life.

Today, we’re announcing YouTube’s get out the vote campaign, #voteIRL, where together with the YouTube creator community, we’re helping get young people to the polls. Even though people are clearly following the election online, we want to make sure they get involved “in real life,” too. We believe in giving everyone a voice. So this U.S. elections season, we’re committed to making sure that people--especially young people--use their voice by voting. REGISTER TO VOTE NOW: Did you know it only takes 1:34 to register to vote? For National Voter Registration Day, starting today the YouTube community will be making 1:34 videos to make sure that you're registered to vote. Keep an eye out for familiar 1:34 faces all week long: A special thanks to the stars of our #voteIRL video: Bethany Mota: Hannah Hart: Hank Green: Dulce Candy: The Young Turks / Cenk Uygur: Kingsley: Laci Green: Philip Defranco: Eric Ochoa: Franchesca Ramsey: Anna Akana: Mark Watson: Julie Boroswki: Blimey Cow:

Register to vote in 1:34 secs while I slay my face in under 2 mins | #voteIRL 2016 Elections

YOU HAVE A VOICE, A VOTE, GO USE IT. 2016 Elections will the most diverse in US history and your vote counts. ➝ Register to vote RIGHT NOW using this link: It only takes 1:34. #voteIRL On average it only takes 1:34 to register to vote in the U.S. Registration is one of the most important things for you to do this election if you’re 18 or older. Each state has a different registration deadline, some which are as early as October, which you can look up easily on Google: COMMENT BELOW WHERE YOU ARE FROM AND IF YOU’LL BE VOTING THIS ELECTION ! (ahem you better be ;) SHARE THIS VIDEO AND ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO REGISTER TO VOTE AND ACTUALLY VOTE. If you have never voted before, I know it can be quite a scary thing, but it’s very easy to do and it makes a huge impact in the future of the our country, the policies we will have to live by. Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton for president? It’s all up to you, that’s why we live in this amazing democracy. If you share this video on social media, please tag so I can repost ! ➝Instagram: ➝Twitter: ➝Snapchat: @Miss_YanYi ➝Facebook: ____________________ WHAT I USE TO FILM -------------------------- Camera- Canon 70D Lighting- Editing Software- Final Cut Pro ……………………………………………… For Business Inquiries please contact About me! My name is YanYi and welcome to my channel! :) I am a New York City based beauty and fashion vlogger and I make videos about beauty, fashion and everything in between! From makeup tutorials to fashion look books and outfit ideas to DIYs and lifestyle tips to my fun life adventures! Oh and this Asian girl speaks Spanish.. hehe Get to know me 50 Facts About Me Tag :) ➝ Subscribe! ➝ ………………………………………………