Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Penguin 4.0 Live, AMP In Core Results & App Indexing Stumbles

by Barry Schwartz

Google Penguin 4.0 Live, AMP In Core Results & App Indexing Stumbles - Big news this morning, Google officially confirmed that Penguin 4.0, the real time version of that spam algorithm, is now live. We saw Google testing it earlier and some folks were talking about the launch date. We have a lot more information about this release at the beginning of the video, so watch it. We go through the question, should Google comment about algorithm updates more often? Google launched Allo, a preview of the Google Assistant, I am not so impressed. Google launched AMP in the core mobile results. Some publishers saw massive spikes in AMP traffic, without explanation. Google also said with the AMP launch, AMP pages will be shown before App deep link URLs in the mobile results. Google also published a survey asking webmasters questions about AMP. Google said there is no reason to rush into PWAs. Google said the interstitial ad penalty can be triggered on scroll as well. Google is testing more shadows on the card stytle layout. Google launched Google Trips, a sweet travel assistant. Google is showing new vacation search result boxes and answers. Google has a new book preview in book knowledge cards. Google AdWords call conversion tracking is easier. There is a bug with the AdWords certiifcates saying they expired in 1969. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google Penguin 4.0, The Real Time Penguin Algorithm Is Live : Google Testing Penguin In The Wild? Some Think So. : Google On Penguin 4.0: We Don't Have Any Dates To Announce : Poll: Should Google Comment About More Google Algorithm Updates & Changes? : Google Launches Allo With Google Assistant Preview : Google AMP In Core Mobile Results Fully Live? : Google Confirms: Google AMP Results Now Rolling Out : Are You Seeing Huge Traffic Surges From Google AMP Since Thursday? : Google AMP Trumps App Indexing In Google Mobile Search Results : Google Search Console AMP Error Report Update After Scanning Change ; Take Google's Survey On Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) : Google: You Don't Have To Rush Into Progression Web Apps (PWA) : The Google Interstitials Mobile Penalty May Impact Popups On Scroll : Google Tests Shadows With The Card Style Layout : Google Trips Feels Like The Perfect Travel Companion : Google Showing Flights & Hotel Costs For Vacation Searches : Google's New Preview Book To Book Knowledge Cards : Google AdWords Call Conversion Tracking Now Easier : Google AdWords Certification Bug Says Valid Through December 31, 1969 :

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