What ad agencies will look like in 2025

Are you an aspiring 12-year-old copywriter, art director or account executive? First, nice career choices, clueless stupid-heads. Second, you should know that in 10 years, ad agencies are going to look and function a lot differently than they do now. Just a few years ago, there was just one kind of ad agency.Read the full article

Wild Turkey Bourbon: Matthew McConaughey Short Film

The only thing our great story was missing was a great storyteller. Meet Wild Turkey’s new Creative Director, Matthew McConaughey.

  • Matthew McConaughey Is Crafting Ads for Wild Turkey as Brand's New Creative Director

    adweek.com - 11 readers - A few years ago, when Wild Turkey approached Matthew McConaughey to be the celebrity spokesman for its new ad campaign, the Oscar-winning actor told the brand he "wanted to be more than the face of the campaign." Instead, McConaughey said, "I want to have my hands in the clay of how we tell the story, and I want to be part of the who

  • Since When Did 'Advertising' Become a Dirty Word?

    adage.com - 10 readers - The word "advertising" has all but disappeared from our industry vocabulary -- replaced by "branded content" and "storytelling." What's wrong with advertising?