Generational Marketing: How to Target Millennials, Gen X, & Boomers

As marketers, we know it’s hard to acquire customers. We get their attention with content marketing and nurture them through cycles of emails, hoping that they’ll bite and commit to our product. It’s even harder when you’re trying to market a product to so many different demographics—a 50-something who is unfamiliar with digital marketing is going to react very differently to a ...Read the full article

Jeffrey Answers A Question On Upselling A Credit Card Customer | Sales Tips

Jeffrey, I work for the number 1 credit card company in the world. I talk to small business card members everyday. I talk to a lot of members who would benefit by upgrading to our second-best card (the number 1 card is an invite card through a specific channel.) If you were a business card member I was calling, what could I say that would make you interested in hearing why an upgrade would benefit you. Answer: This is a classic case of up-selling. What you're trying to do is take me from a customer where I am right now and get me to move up to what you perceive is a better product at a higher rate. What I have to understand is what's the difference in value between what you're telling me and where I am right now. Why do I benefit from, how do I profit from, why am I more productive from, taking the next step? It's the same in your business. Any business in the whole wide world has an upgrade. If you don't, you're a fool. But what you need to share with me is, how do I win by taking the upgrade? Don't just tell me what the added value is. I don't want to know the added value. I want to know the profit. I want to know the productivity. And I want you to understand why I bought from you in the first place. If you understand all that, then your entire presentation should be about how I win. Not that the card's accepted in 28 more places, I don't care about that. Tell me how I win. When I win, you win. Jeffrey Gitomer | Gitomer | Buy Gitomer | How to Sell | Sales | Sales Advice | Sales Tips| Real World Sales | Sales Blog | Sales Books | Best Sales Books | Top Sales Books | Best Books on Selling | Books on Selling | Top Books on Selling | Books on How to Sell | Top Books on | How to Sell | Best Books on How to Sell | Sales Skills | Selling Skills | How to Improve Sales Skills | How to Improve Selling Skills | Sales Training | Best Sales Training | Professional Sales Training | Best Sales Trainer | Sales Team Training | Sales Manager Training | Management Training | Sales Management Training | Corporate Sales Training | Corporate Sales Team Training | Business Sales Training | Business Sales Management Training | Sales Training Program | Sales Training Class | Sales Class Online | Online Sales Class | Online Sales Training | Online Sales Team Training | Sales Training Online | Sales Team Training Online | Sales Training Online | Sales Team Training Online | Sales Management Training Online | Sales Videos | Sales Training Videos | Sales Expert | Sales Training Expert