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by Barry Schwartz

How to Sell on Amazon (Amazon SEO) Introduction - Ignite Visibility, John Lincoln

How to Sell on Amazon (Intro to Amazon SEO) - John Lincoln, Ignite Visibility Many people feel that Amazon is the best place to sell your products. With over 244 million users and 54 million prime members it has massive traffic. In fact, 44% of web shoppers go to Amazon directly to buy products online. Amazon also handles the customer service, the merchant and the shipping if you use FBA. Now, there are some cons to selling on Amazon. Most as based around fees. Amazon charges fees to individuals and merchants. They also charge a percentage of sale, which ranges from 8% to 14%. When you get started selling on amazon, you want to do some competitive analysis. To do this, look at top sells and analyze their titles, descriptions, bullets, pricing, sizes, colors, bundles, photos, videos, categories, reviews and sales rank. There is a lot that goes into amazon SEO. We will cover that in the next video.

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