How to Turn a Blog Post into a Video in 5 Minutes [Traffic Hack]

by Ana Hoffman
Video marketing. Not exactly a strategy ‘near and dear’ to most marketers. As a matter of fact, when I ask my Bite-Size Traffic Hacks subscribers how many of them use video to drive more traffic and business, well… I can usually count the hands on one hand. But why? Simple: it takes time to learn how to create a video and it can easily cost thousands of dollars to hire so ...Read the full article

Why Turn Blog Post into Video? Here's why...

👉 👈 You too can kill it in video marketing with this simple and easy traffic hack - learn how to turn your next blog post into a video! This is Ana Hoffman with and I invite you to watch my video with step-by-step instructions on turning your blog post into a video here or just come to - that's where you'll find both video and written instructions on how to do it. See you there!

How to Turn a Blog Post or Article Into a Video [TRAFFIC HACK]

➯ How to leverage your blog posts by turning them into videos - a quick and easy traffic hack using tools you already have. This is a part of Ana's free Bite-Size Traffic Hacks email series Turning text, like a blog post, an article, etc, into a video isn't rocket science - once you know how to do it. Watch me turn my blog post into a video and you'll be converting your own content into videos in no time. You'll find step-by-step directions on turning text into a video in this blog post: For more traffic hacks, go here