How to Clean Up After Botched Site Migration

by Chris Green
Much has been said recently about the importance of a site migration done well, at the most recent BrightonSEO, for example, you may have caught one of the two talks which covered this topic in some detail (disclosure, I delivered one of them, the other was by Jon Earnshaw – watch the recording here, with some more nuggets from Barry Adams, myself, David Bain & co here).Read the full article

BrightonSEO - 2nd September 2016 - all main talks - brought to you by

Streaming September 2016's BrightonSEO event LIVE, brought to you by Expand the description below for links to the start of all the talks. Introduction by Kelvin Newman: 49:20 Stage introduction: 54:41 Stacey MacNaught: What can White-hat link builders learn from churn and burn spammers? 58:15 Paul Madden: Navigating an ocean of link data, a former pirates story 1:18:47 Hannah Smith: Art, virtual snowballs, & the feels (or why beer is rarely the answer) 1:41:32 Roundtable 1 with Greg Gifford, Bas van den Beld, Eoghan Henn & Lukasz Zelezny 2:05:59 Jon Earnshaw: How to avoid a site migration disaster 2:41:48 Aleyda Solis: How to Drive Growth through your SEO Audits: Questions, Validations & Tools to Maximize your Results 3:05:11 Malcolm Coles: SEO for news. We do WHAT? 3:27:49 Roundtable 2 with Barry Adams, Chris Green, Alex Tachalova & Andrew Steel 3:52:06 Phil Nottingham: A Strategy for the New Wave of Video Platforms 5:25:26 Greg Gifford: How to be a Facebook Advert Superhero 5:51:37 Paul Curry: Building Viral Web Toys At Lightning Speed 6:21:44 Roundtable 3 with Nichola Stott, Dawn Anderson, Laura Hampton & Aaron Dicks 6:40:21 Paddy Moogan: Sustainable content marketing 7:05:31 Lexi Mills: Overcoming Launch Fear 7:29:48 Lisa Myers: How changing your mind can make you successful 7:51:22 Roundtable 4 with Dixon Jones, Stephen Kenwright & Steve Linney 8:08:26 Will Critchlow: SEO split testing to move past 'best practices' 8:27:57