Five Future Trends in the Marketing of Television

A surefire way to grab attention and attract clicks right now has been to write headlines and soundbites about the demise of television as we know it. Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that "the future of TV is apps." Netflix chairman and CEO Reed Hastings confidently predicted that cable networks will die for good and all TV will be on the Internet.Read the full article

Sky Atlantic HD ad - Dustin Hoffman

The 60-second trail features the actor -- whose first ever TV series, Luck, will come to the channel later in the year - talking directly to camera about the art of great storytelling against the backdrop of the iconic New York skyline. The channel launches 1 February 2011

True Colour TV | Channel 4

Channel 4 was set up to provide an alternative voice and reflect Britain in all its diversity.

Netflix, "Binge Responsibly"

This showed up after watching 5 episodes back to back. I'm assuming its their April Fools day prank?