Here’s how marketing research is looking past consumers and connecting with their bodies

A lab at iMotions In their never-ending quest to understand which ads work best, marketers are now going beyond asking viewers for their reactions. Instead, they are asking their bodies. Ad agencies and researchers are regularly analyzing eye-tracking to measure attention, facial expressions to determine positive or negative emotions, galvanic skin response to gauge the i ...Read the full article

Eye Tracking with iMotions

Facial Expression Analysis with iMotions

EEG with iMotions

Display Advertising Eye Tracking Study

This eye tracking study of display advertising effectiveness shows how people observed web pages containing advertising elements in various display ad formats such as leader boards, big boxes, and skyscrapers, on an iPad vs. a desktop PC. Researchers used a Tobii X60 Eye Tracker and the Tobii Mobile Device Stand. More information on Tobii Insight Services you will find here: