2K Launches Mafia III: Rivals on iOS, Android

2K and Cat Daddy Games released Mafia III: Rivals on mobile. The turn-based role-playing game is based on Hanger 13‘s Mafia III console game, and it allows each player to create and manage a crime syndicate in the city of New Bordeaux. In Mafia III: Rivals, players can collect a variety of crew members for their teams, and they can take these crew members into level-based battles.Read the full article

Mafia III: Rivals - Launch Trailer

Steal, seize, and slaughter for control of New Bordeaux in Mafia III: Rivals, a brand new battle RPG set in the violent and gritty universe of Mafia III. Be the boss and assemble your crime family. Outfit your characters with brutal weapons, items, vehicles, and stake your claim over local businesses. As your power grows, so does your stake in the criminal underworld. Own the city. Take control of New Bordeaux by downloading the game now: iOS: http://2kgam.es/2cRkc4U Android: http://2kgam.es/2dMWENr