How to take storytelling risks through publishing

“Brands suddenly realized, 30-second spots aren’t working. There’s got to be a better way for us to tell a story,” Morgan Spurlock, Academy Award-Nominated Director, Super Size Me, said in our MarketingSherpa 2016 Media Center interview. “That’s when they started looking at creative ways to make content tell stories.Read the full article

Morgan Spurlock on taking storytelling risks We live in an age where it's tough to walk down the street without someone trying to sell you something. The entire American experience now seems to be brought to us by corporations. Utilizing the cutting-edge tools of comedic exploration and total self-exploitation, Director Morgan Spurlock dissects the world of advertising and marketing by using his personal integrity as currency to sell out to the highest bidder. In this Media Center interview, Morgan shines a definitive light on our branded future.