Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Penguin Recoveries, Buying Links, Google Home & Assistant

by Barry Schwartz

Google Penguin Recoveries, Buying Links, Google Home & Assistant - This week, I cover a lot more on Penguin. First, the recoveries have started and Google confirmed it should be done fairly soon, probably next few days. The recoveries thus far look very impressive. Early on, our polls showed that the recoveries were not but that has changed. Google says you should keep on using the disavow file even though Google devalues with Penguin versus demotes. Google paid $100,000 for a link from, nah but still funny. Google said negative SEO still not a concern for them. Google said directories are not the right way to build links. Google said 301 redirecting all your old pages to your home page will result in them being a soft 404. Google showed off the Google Home and Assistant and how they handle featured snippets is way cool. Most SEOs want an intrusive ad interstitial penalty tool from Google. Google is testing an advanced verification method for Google My Business. Google is displaying more images in the mobile results. Google AdWords updated their mobile apps. Google AdWords Editor upgraded to version 11.6. Google AdSense launched a new design for their ad units. Google Analytics is working on the referrer spam issue. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google: Penguin Recoveries Still Rolling Out But Should Be Done Very Soon : SEOs Noticing Google Penguin 4.0 Recoveries Now : Google Update Chatter Suggests Penguin Movement Or Algorithm Changes : Only 12% Said They Saw Ranking Improvements After Google Penguin 4.0 : Google: Keep Using Disavow File Even Though Penguin Devalues Links : Google Not Concerned With Negative SEO With New Penguin 4.0 : Get A Text Link From For $5k Per Year, Google Did For $100k Per Year : Google: Reconsideration Requests Never Worked For Penguin Or Other Algorithms : Google: Directories Often Not The Right Way To Build Links : Google: 301 Redirecting All Pages To Home Page Are Seen As Soft 404s : Listen To How Google Home Quotes Features Snippets : 78% Of SEOs Want An Interstitials Testing Tool From Google : Google Advanced Verification For Locksmiths & Plumbers To Reduce Map Spam : Google Displays More Images In Mobile Web Results : Google AdWords Updated Their Android & iOS Apps : Google AdWords Editor v11.6 Adds Universal App Campaigns & More : Google AdSense New Ad Unit Design Launches With Modern Look : Google Analytics Actively Working On Spam Issue :

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