Keynote: Debra Jasper (#Pubcon)

How many of us go through our inbox inbox first thing in the morning? Most of us. How many times do we check our phones throughout the day? 200 times. We’re interrupted at work every 3 minutes, and it takes us 23 minutes to refocus. Debra Jasper challenges us. It’s easy for us to get a message out. It’s hard to get a messaging in.Read the full article

Magic Leap Elephant and whale

Whale Surprise Jumps into a Gym in Mixed Reality (Exciting) by Magic Leap

A whale in mixed reality / augmented reality demonstrating the affects of we can expect soon IamVR brings you Magic Leap, the augmented reality / mixed reality company shares their incredible technology with us through a couple of short and incredible videos. This video is a whale jumping through the bottom of a gym floor. Follow us: Apple News: Facebook: Flipboard: Google+: Instagram: Medium: Pinterest: Tumblr: Twitter: Website:

McDonald’s: Lovin’ the Super Bowl

DDB Chicago