Mobile Game Roundup: NHL SuperCard 2K17, Juggernaut Champions and More

Are you looking for a new mobile game to play this weekend? There are lots of new options available for you to try, including EA Sports FIFA Mobile from Electronic Arts. The soccer game allows each user to build and manage a soccer team and complete events in a variety of gameplay modes. Next, King launched Shuffle Cats this week.Read the full article

Vector 2 - Official Trailer

Vector 2 features intense gameplay with procedurally generated environment and lifelike animations in a dystopian world. Music by J. Yarmosh Android:

NHL SuperCard 2K17 Launch Trailer

“The premier NHL card battling game is back with NHL SuperCard 2K17! Featuring more than 400 new player cards, exhilarating game modes and a vastly improved visual style, NHL SuperCard 2K17 puts you on the ice and into the action like never before!” Android: iOS:

Crap! I'm Broke: Out of Pocket - Launch Trailer

Crap! I'm Broke: Out of Pocket is out now for iOS and Android! iOS:!-im-broke-out-of-pocket/id1114606759?ls=1&mt=8 Android: Set in a Cubist-style world, Crap! I’m Broke: Out of Pocket is a hectic life management game. Do mini-game style jobs (like scrubbing dishes and flip burgers) to avoid eviction and keep starvation at bay. Dodge death and debt on Android and iOS! Brought to you by Arcane Circus:

My Town : Grandparents - Game Trailer

Download My Town Grandparents : IOS: Android: Amazon: An exciting new addition to My Town, come visit the new Grandparents house, a digital dollhouse theme requested by so many of our fans! With so many locations to explore, interesting characters to play with and lots of objects to interact visiting your grandparents house has never been more fun! WHY DO KIDS AND PARENTS LOVE MY TOWN GAMES? My Town games are digital dollhouse games, much like a free canvas they allow kids to invent and create a new game or story each time they play. You can play our games alone or with parents and friends. There are no ads. The complete my town series of games give you a huge world of imaginary fun. PLAY, IMAGINE, DISCOVER Grandparents house is a special house.When you come visiting you'll surly want to see dad's old room! Of course you'll want to go to the basements to see granddads wood work area. Help around the garden, make food with grandma and check out all the exciting stuff they got from there last trip to Africa! FEATURES: -9 exciting locations including a garden, woodwork area at the basement and dad's old room! -Plant more then 20 different flowers, vegetables and bushes -14 characters you are absolutely going to love and adore including dad's best friend and Grandpa's neighbors! -Can you find the ghost? it's out there waiting for you around the house. -Make sure the plants are watered and replaced after they dry out. -Lots of clothing and items to add to your canvas game area. -You can not FRY an omelette, over clock it and burn it, use fire extinguisher in case of fire! :) RECOMMENDED AGE GROUP Kids and parents can enjoy playing this together. Game is perfectly suited for 3 years old to play with parents or 5 year olds to play alone or together with friends. We have full parental control, no 3rd party ads, no IAP. Our games are a safe environment for kids We try to give lots of educational value so playing together or alone will always result in a beneficiary action to kids. Just like a normal dollhouse the options are literally endless. with over 200 different props and items kids can have a new imaginary game play each time they play.

Juggernaut Champions Trailer

Juggernaut Champions is a next generation game in a revolutionary RPG Clicker genre. Extremely simple to learn, and at the same time boasting an advanced levelling system and an explosive combination of various game mechanics that serve the one and only purpose: KILL, DESTROY, SMASH AND BLOW AWAY hordes of monsters! With Juggernaut Champions, it’s nothing but a child’s play: a single tap with your finger and the monster lies defeated! App Store: Google Play: