Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Mobile Index, Penguin Destruction, Machine Learning & More

by Barry Schwartz

Google Mobile Index, Penguin Destruction, Machine Learning & More - This week in search, Google said they are launching their mobile only index within months and moving the desktop index as a secondary index. Google Penguin 4.0 is completely live now. Gary Illyes said Penguin can act to discount all your links, which can be devastating. Google said they are ready for those who try to manipulate Penguin 4.0. Google said Penguin looks at the link source and is not machine learning. Google algorithms do give labels to links, such as footer labels, disavow and Penguin labels. Google said Panda algorithm demotes, unlike Penguin that now devalues. Google said the use of machine learning in their algorithms is complicated. Google say look to measure unlinked citations. Google said international and multilingual links are not spammy by itself. Google Search Console launched a new AMP testing tool. Google AdSense is launching a new design for their portal. Finally, I published my monthly Google webmaster report. I am offline Monday and Tuesday of this week for a holiday. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google To Launch Mobile Index In Months, Replacing Desktop Index As Secondary : Google: Penguin 4.0 Now Completely Rolled Out : Google: Penguin Can Discount All Your Links, Good Or Bad : Google: We're Prepared For SEOs Trying To Manipulate Penguin 4.0 : Google: Penguin Looks At The Page Where Your Links Come From (Link Source) : Google: Penguin Doesn't Use Machine Learning Within The Algorithm : Google Algorithms Labels Links As Penguin, Footer, Disavowed & More - Googlers Can Look Up Link Labels : Google Panda Algorithm Does Adjust Rankings Down Unlike Penguin : Sitelinks Demotion Tool Within Google Search Console Has Been Removed : Google's Use Of Machine Learning In Ranking & Spam Algorithms Is Complicated : Google's Algorithms & Signals Don't Forget, They Collect History : Google May One Day Count Unlinked Citations For Search Rankings : Google: International & Multilingual Links Are Not Seen As Spammy : Google Search Console Launches Simplified AMP Testing Tool : Google AdSense Publisher Portal New Design Going Live : October 2016 Google Webmaster Report :

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