LeadPages Review – Landing, Webinar and Sales Pages Made Easy

by Lawrence Tam
If you are looking for a comprehensive LeadPages review, you have come to the right place. LeadPages is basically an online software program that allows you to create beautiful landing pages as well as manage, apply and track your marketing campaigns. You would think any old sales page template or opt-in box would do – that is, if you are an amateur marketer.Read the full article

How To Create A Facebook Landing Page In Minutes

http://www.marketingshow.com/facebook-landing-page/ Hey this is Clay Collins, host of the Marketing Show and co-founder of LeadPages and today I'm going to be giving you three reasons why you should be posting your landing pages to Facebook, and how you can make a Facebook landing page quickly and easily. The three reasons are: 1- Much higher opt-in rate 2- Cheaper ads and clicks 3- Better Facebook ad approval rates I'll go into a lot of detail in this video. Watch the video and then be sure and tell me what you think with your comments! Thanks! Clay http://youtu.be/bjr8dOC89QI