Asmodee Digital Launches Colt Express on Mobile

Asmodee Digital announced the release of Colt Express on iOS, Android and PC. Developed by Frima Studio, the board game is the digital version of the real-world Colt Express board game created by Ludonaute. In Colt Express, players become train robbers in the Wild West, and they can play cards to move around a train in order to collect as much loot as they can.Read the full article

Colt Express (Digital Game) - English Trailer

Schemin', Shootin', and Stealin'! The digital game inspired by the award-winning Western tabletop game Colt Express! Plot your scheme step by step, then dive into the action to loot the wagons- but watch out, you are not the only train robber plotting to become rich today. You might have to rethink your strategy on the move to avoid the others! Play solo or with friends and family worldwide in multiplayer mode! Download Colt Express on Android, iOS and Steam: • Android: • iOS: • Steam: Follow us on social medias! • Facebook: • Twitter: • Instagram: