Commercial success: 3 last-minute PPC tips to pump up the effectiveness of Super Bowl LI TV ad buys

by Purna Virji
Ah, Super Bowl Sunday. There is no bigger day for football — or advertisers. And whether they’re on their couch or at a neighborhood watering hole, fans of both will be tuning in to Super Bowl LI in droves. Sure, Super Bowl Sunday is about football. But the commercials share the spotlight. In fact, many Super Bowl viewers say they watch the game specifically for the commercials.Read the full article

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"Carrier Pigeons"

2008 FedEx Super Bowl spot

Tabasco - Mosquito Explosion

Tabasco is so hot that a mosquito explodes after drinking the blood of the guy who put tabasco in his pizza.

The Classis Coke Vs Pepsi Commercial 1995

This is the Classic Commercial That Aired in 1995 Which Asks a Old Age Question.............Pepsi or Coke?